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Featured Ads is a premium service from Ad Bazaar which allows you to display your Ad in a designated area and highlight your Ad giving it better visibility and tagged with featured banner on right corner.

Make your existing Ad a Featured Ad via “My Ads”. Click to featured my ad or call our support no.

Good News! You can now opt for featured Ad bulk packages and earn money. You can purchase ads as per your requirement:

User can pay through Net banking, PayTM wallet or UPI etc.

You can also choose to pay by cash. To know more, please contact our telephone support (9873145665 10:00 am to 07:00 pm) available seven days a week.

Featured Ad is eye-catching and different from the normal Ads:

a. Featured Ads appear on the top of the search results in a separate section.
b. Featured Ads also appear under "All Ads" with a highlighted background.
c. All Featured Ads contain a “Featured” tag.
d. The Featured Ads appear basis the location and sub-category opted by the user.

The Featured Ad appears on our site within 3-6 hours of making the payment and upon meeting the requirements of our Posting Rules and Featured Ads Terms of Use.

The Ad will remain active as Featured Ad on our site for the period for which you purchase it

Ex: If you opt for a 3 Months Featured pack, it will appear as Featured Ad on site for 90 days.

Yes, the Featured Ad can be canceled/deleted by you once the payment is made, however, payment made will not be refunded. Please note that packages cannot be canceled.

Yes, you can edit your Featured Ad via “My Account” just like a normal Ad.

Yes! If the Featured Ad duration has lapsed and your Ad is still active, you can avail the option of Featured Ad for the remaining duration of your Ad. Go to “My Account” , and you will find an option to upgrade Ad or renew Ad using the Featured Ad packages!

The payment made for Featured Ad or packages is non-refundable if it doesn't meet our posting guidelines. Additionally, no refund is possible if the account is blocked due to the breach of our rules.

Yes, Featured Ads are available for all categories.

A Featured Ad once availed, cannot be upgraded with another Featured Ad pack prior to its expiry.

Ex: If you have an existing Featured Ad for 7 days, you cannot further avail another 7 days or upgrade to 30 days prior to the lapse of initial 7 days.

The featured Ads/packages appear in Profile-> Accounts and Payments

Yes, you can edit your Featured Ad via “My Account” just like a normal Ad.

Please Note: A featured Ad subscription can only be used for highlighting a unique product.

The Ad cannot be edited to post a different product subsequently. Doing so will lead to immediate removal of that specific Featured Ad and no refund will be provided.

If the account is banned due to policy violation, any available credits are forfeited.

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